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Plastic Scrap Industry Unveiled: From Import to Export in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad, a bustling city in Gujarat, is not only a thriving economic hub but also a major player in the plastic scrap industry. With increasing emphasis on sustainable practices, demand for recycled plastic materials has increased, making Ahmedabad a focal point for scrap dealers, importers and suppliers. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of the plastic scrap business in Ahmedabad, highlighting import sources, available products and where to sell plastic scrap.

Import sources and products

One of the primary sources of plastic scrap in Ahmedabad is the warehouse in Gandhidham, Gujarat. This strategically located warehouse plays a vital role in importing various plastic scrap and recycled materials meeting the demands of the local market. The range of products available is extensive, covering a diverse spectrum of plastic scrap categories. Let us know about some of the key products offered

PVC scrap

PVC Scrap Soft Mix Color

PVC Scrap Soft Mix Color

PVC Scrap Soft Mix Color Flexible

PVC Scrap Soft Black Contaminated

PVC Scrap Soft Black

PVC Reprocess Pallet (Grey)

PVC Reprocess Pallet (Brown)

PVC Regrind (Mix)

PVC Regrind (Transparent)

PVC Powder (Mix)

PVC Powder (White)

Clean Up Pvc Chips

PVC Chips (Black)

PVC Chips (Blue)

PP and PE ( HDPE & PET )

PP Granules (Black)

HDPE Regrind (Mix)

HDPE Granules (Black)

HDPE Regranules (Grey)

PP Regrind

PP Regrind (White)

PET Lumps Film Grade

PET Lump


Polyester Gumming Films

Polyester Film Roll

Other Ingredients

Tpu Regrind

High Quality Boss Tape – Cello Tape

Kapton Tape

Acrylic Cast

Acrylic Clear

Acrylic Regrind

PVC plastisol Compound

PP Lumps And Granules


Unused Hot Stamping

Waterproofing Membrane Rolls

Heavy Polyester Ropes


Acrylic Regrind Mold

Polycarbonate Scrap

& Off-Cut

Acrylic Scrap

Understanding Plastic Scrap Industry in Ahmedabad

The plastic scrap industry in Ahmedabad is a dynamic ecosystem, driven by the need for sustainable solutions and recycling of plastic materials. As demand for recycled plastics continues to grow, the city has become a hotspot for scrap dealers and importers seeking high-quality material.

Scrap Dealer in ahmedabad

For businesses or individuals looking to sell plastic scrap in Ahmedabad, there are various avenues available. Scrap dealers play an important role in connecting sellers with recycling facilities and manufacturers in need of raw materials. To locate reliable scrap dealers, one can use online platforms, directories or local business networks.

plastic scrap importer in india

The warehouse in Gandhidham, Gujarat, serves as a vital link in the supply chain, importing plastic scrap material from various sources. These importers play a vital role in ensuring continuous supply of high quality plastic scrap to meet the local market demands. Importers are often well connected with international suppliers, facilitating the smooth flow of materials.

Plastic Scrap Suppliers and Where to Sell Plastic Scrap in Ahemdabad

Local businesses (local scrap traders) wanting to dispose of their plastic waste in Ahmedabad can connect with plastic scrap suppliers. These suppliers not only provide an outlet for proper disposal of plastic scrap, but also contribute to the circular economy through recycling and reusing materials.

Selling plastic scrap in Ahmedabad has become easier with the presence of scrap dealers and recycling facilities. These institutions act as intermediaries, ensuring that plastic scrap is directed toward environmentally friendly processes, contributing to reducing plastic pollution.

For people interested in selling plastic scrap in Ahmedabad, it is important to have the contact information of reliable plastic dealers. Here are some key points to consider when searching for plastics dealers:

Local Directories:

Use local business directories to find a list of Plastics Dealers in Ahmedabad. These directories often provide contact numbers and addresses, making them easy to reach.

Online Platforms:

Find online platforms that connect sellers with recyclers. Many websites provide a platform for individuals and businesses to list their plastic scrap and connect with potential buyers.

Networking events:

Attend local networking events or industry conferences where you can meet plastics dealers in person. Building relationships in the industry can lead to long-term partnerships.


Ahmedabad, with its strategic location and thriving plastic scrap industry, has become a major player in the recycling ecosystem. Import of plastic scrap material from the warehouse located at Gandhidham, Gujarat ensures continuous supply of diverse material meeting the demands of the local market. For businesses and individuals looking to sell plastic scrap in Ahmedabad, the presence of scrap dealers, importers and recycling facilities provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

As the city contributes to the circular economy, the plastic scrap industry in Ahmedabad is poised for growth, providing opportunities for businesses to participate in sustainable practices. Whether you are a scrap dealer, importer, or someone looking to dispose of plastic waste responsibly, Ahmedabad offers a vibrant marketplace for all players in the plastic scrap industry.

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