Polycoated Silicone Paper vs. Glassine Silicone Paper


Polycoated silicone paper and glassine silicone paper are essential materials in various industries. Understanding their differences and applications is crucial for making informed choices.

Silicone paper
Silicone paper

Composition and Characteristics

Polycoated silicone paper boasts a paper base coated with polyethylene, ensuring excellent moisture and chemical resistance. In contrast, glassine silicone paper, with its glossy finish, is known for transparency and grease resistance.


Polycoated silicone paper is prevalent in food packaging, medical products, and industrial processes. Glassine silicone paper is commonly used in labels, release liners, and graphic arts due to its smooth surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Polycoated silicone paper provides robust moisture resistance but may have limitations in certain chemical environments. Glassine silicone paper offers transparency and grease resistance but may lack durability for heavy-duty applications.

Environmental Impact

Both types have eco-friendly options, and understanding their environmental impact is crucial for businesses aiming for sustainability.

Cost Comparison

Businesses need to balance quality and affordability based on their specific needs when comparing the cost factors of polycoated and glassine silicone papers.

Normally Polycoated /Pe Coated Silicone paper is cheaper then glassine Silicone paper

Prices Of Silicone Paper

Polycoated Silicone paper Prices Ranges between Rs. 95 -105 Per Kg

Glassine Silicone paper Price Ranges between Rs. 105 -120 Per Kg

Industry Trends

Keeping up with current trends in both papers is vital for businesses aiming to stay competitive and make informed decisions.


Choosing between polycoated silicone paper and glassine silicone paper depends on factors like application, cost, and sustainability goals. Weighing the pros and cons helps businesses make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the primary difference between polycoated silicone paper and glassine silicone paper?
    • The main difference lies in composition and specific applications.
  2. Can polycoated silicone paper be used interchangeably with glassine silicone paper in all applications?
    • Not necessarily, as each type suits specific use cases.
  3. How do the environmental considerations of these papers affect businesses’ sustainability goals?
    • Understanding the environmental impact helps businesses align with sustainable practices.
  4. Are there specific industries that prefer one type of paper over the other?
    • Yes, certain industries may favor one type based on their unique requirements.
  5. What factors should businesses consider when choosing between polycoated and glassine silicone paper?
    • Factors include application, cost, environmental impact, and industry trends.

Manufacturers of Silicone Paper :

UPM Specialty Papers (https://www.upmspecialtypapers.com/)
Loparex (https://loparex.com/)
Mondi Group (https://www.mondigroup.com/)

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