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In the ever-evolving landscape of plastics, HDPE Regrind has emerged as a key player, while finding utility across various industries. This blog delves into the realm of HDPE Regrind, catering to the interests of “hdpe regrind buyers.” Additionally, it sheds light on “hdpe blue drum regrind suppliers” – both locally and globally, with a specific focus on the renowned Shine and Glow Group in India. We’ll explore its classification under the “hdpe regrind hs code” (39012000) and understand its diverse “HDPE Blue Drum Regrind” usages. Furthermore, to top it off, we’ll unveil the October 2023 price trends, which are hovering between 70-90 Rs. per kilogram, and grasp its HDPE Regrind Melt Flow Index (MFI) of 0.3.

The World of HDPE Regrind:

HDPE Regrind, a recyclable and versatile material, has been making waves in the plastics industry. Whether you’re part of the “hdpe regrind buyers” community or a “hdpe blue drum regrind suppliers,” understanding its significance is crucial. Its applications span from packaging to construction, providing durability and sustainability.

Indian Suppliers and the Shine and Glow Group:

India boasts a plethora of local suppliers for HDPE Regrind, offering both affordability and environmental benefits. Notably, the Shine and Glow Group stands out as a prominent player, ensuring quality and reliability in the supply of HDPE Regrind.


Imported Materials:

For those seeking a global perspective, the market also offers imported HDPE Regrind. Nevertheless, while it widens your sourcing horizons, considering factors like shipping costs and customs regulations is essential. This choice makes sense for those with specific requirements or looking for a diversified supply.

Decoding the HDPE Regrind HS Code (39012000):

Understanding the HS code is vital when dealing with international trade. The hdpe regrind hs code (39012000) simplifies the classification and trade of HDPE Regrind, making it easier for businesses to source and distribute.

Usage Beyond Imagination:

HDPE Blue Drum Regrind is not just a commodity; it’s a versatile resource. Its applications range from manufacturing plastic products to contributing to the recycling industry. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

October 2023 Price Trends:

If you’re in the market, you’ll undoubtedly be curious about the prices. In October 2023, the average price for HDPE Blue Drum Regrind is approximately 70-90 Rs. per kilogram. This pricing can vary based on factors like quality and supplier reputation.

Melt Flow Index (MFI):

Finally, understanding the HDPE Regrind Melt Flow Index (MFI) is crucial. An MFI of 0.3 for HDPE Regrind indicates its flow properties, making it suitable for specific manufacturing processes.

HDPE Regrind is more than just plastic; it’s a solution. For “hdpe regrind buyers” looking for sustainable materials and “hdpe blue drum regrind suppliers” striving to meet diverse needs, this versatile resource has much to offer. With an HS code for easy classification, usage spanning various industries, and pricing trends to keep an eye on, HDPE Regrind is an essential part of the plastics ecosystem. So, whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, embrace the world of HDPE Regrind and unlock its potential for your business and the environment.

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