OCC Waste Paper (OCC 11 Vs OCC 12)



Embark on a journey through sustainable waste management with this comprehensive guide to OCC waste paper. Unravel the intricacies of OCC 11 and OCC 12, explore the pricing dynamics, and discover Shine and Glow Group India as a critical supplier in the OCC market.

OCC 11 vs. OCC 12: Unveiling the Differences:

Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) waste paper comes in different grades, with OCC 11 and OCC 12 standing out as prominent categories.

OCC 11 Waste Paper:

Renowned for its high quality and low contamination levels, OCC 11 is a sought-after material in recycling. Its superior attributes often position it as a premium choice for businesses.

OCC 12 Waste Paper:

Distinguished by a meticulous double-sorting process, OCC 12 offers reduced contamination and a higher-quality recycled material. Despite its enhanced features, OCC 12 has a higher price tag due to the additional processing involved.

OCC Waste Paper Prices: Navigating the Market

Understanding the pricing dynamics of OCC waste paper is crucial for businesses looking to balance quality and cost-effectiveness.

OCC 11 Waste Paper Price:

Influenced by market demand, global economic conditions, and regional variations, OCC 11 waste paper prices generally surpass those of OCC 12 due to its superior quality. In the year 2023 prices are 145 -165 USD per ton cnf Mundra /Nahva sheva 

OCC 12 Waste Paper Price:

OCC 12, with its cleaner recycled material resulting from a double-sorting process, commands a higher price than OCC 11. The meticulous sorting process and enhanced quality contribute to the premium pricing of OCC 12 in the waste paper market. 

 In the year 2023, prices are US $ 155 -185 per ton cnf Mundra /Nahva sheva 

Overall OCC Waste Paper Price Trends:

Pricing in the OCC waste paper market, whether OCC 11 or OCC 12, fluctuates based on market trends and the recycling industry dynamics. Staying vigilant is essential for businesses to adapt their procurement strategies to maintain a cost-effective and sustainable supply chain.

Shine and Glow Group India: A Trusted OCC Supplier:

India’s growing recycling industry boasts reliable OCC waste paper suppliers and Shine and Glow Group stands out as a key player.

OCC Waste Paper Suppliers in India:

Shine and Glow Group India, a reputable supplier, strongly emphasizes quality assurance, reliability, and sustainability. Their commitment contributes significantly to India’s OCC waste paper market, offering businesses a dependable source of high-quality recycled material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: What distinguishes OCC 11 from OCC 12?

A1: OCC 11 is renowned for high quality and low contamination, while OCC 12 undergoes a double-sorting process, offering even cleaner recycled material but at a higher price.

Q2: How do OCC waste paper prices vary in India?

A2: OCC 11 generally commands a higher price than OCC 12 in India due to its superior quality. Market dynamics and regional variations influence prices.

Q3: Why choose Shine and Glow Group India as an OCC waste paper supplier?

A3: Shine and Glow Group India prioritizes quality, reliability, and sustainability, contributing significantly to India’s OCC waste paper market.

Q4: How can businesses navigate OCC waste paper price fluctuations?

A4: Staying informed about market trends and recycling industry dynamics is crucial for businesses to adapt their procurement strategies and maintain a cost-effective and sustainable supply chain.


In conclusion, the choices between OCC 11 and OCC 12 hinge on specific industry needs and budget considerations. Reputable suppliers in India, such as Shine and Glow Group, contribute to the sustainability journey by providing high-quality OCC waste paper. Businesses navigating the OCC waste paper landscape must stay informed about prices, quality differentiators, and reliable suppliers to make environmentally conscious and economically sound decisions.

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