Used Heat Transfer Paper /Sadi Paper

Used Heat Transfer Paper /Sadi Paper


Used Heat Transfer Paper, SADI PAPER, is gaining widespread recognition for its unique characteristics and diverse applications. This article delves into the intricacies of this paper, exploring its various uses and shedding light on its significance in the market.

Used Heat Transfer Paper / Sadi Paper

INTRODUCTIONS: Its Fame Beyond Prints

Used Heat Transfer Paper has garnered fame for its utility and the distinct prints it carries, such as floral and colourful designs. The versatility of these prints has made them a favourite in various industries, adding an aesthetic appeal to the final products.


SADI PAPER used in Garment Packaging

One of the significant applications of SADI PAPER in India is its use in the packaging of garments, particularly in the context of Indian ethnic wear known as Sari. The paper serves as a protective layer, ensuring the safe transportation of these delicate and intricate pieces.

Also known as Packaging Paper Rolls / Stocklot packaging Rolls

SADI PAPER, recognized as Sari Paper, finds its place in gift wrapping. The rolls of this paper are utilized for creating visually appealing and durable gift wraps, enhancing the overall presentation of the gifts.

Used Sublimation Paper Rolls in the Textile Industry

With roots in the textile industry, this paper has gained prominence as used textile paper. Its application extends to sublimation processes, contributing to the vibrant and long-lasting prints on textiles.

Link to Indian Ethnic Wear – Sari

The association of the SADI PAPER with the Indian ethnic wear, the Sari, further emphasizes its cultural significance. This connection adds a layer of tradition to the modern applications of the paper.


Presentation in Rolls

SADI PAPER is commonly available in rolls, providing convenience in handling and usage. The flexibility of the rolls allows for seamless integration into various manufacturing processes.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) and Sizes

The paper balances durability and flexibility with a GSM ranging from 28 to 35. The sizes available, including 63 inches or 163 cm, cater to different requirements in the market.

Main Sources and Suppliers

The primary sources of SADI PAPER include Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and South Korea. These countries are significant contributors to the supply chain, ensuring a steady availability of the paper in the market.


Main Markets in India

In India, the primary markets for SADI PAPER are Surat and Kolkata. These cities serve as hubs for the garment and textile industries, making them key players in the consumption of this versatile paper.

Quantity in a Sea Container – 25-27 Tons

The bulk nature of SADI PAPER is evident in its shipping quantities, with 25 to 27 tons fitting into a single sea container. This highlights the substantial demand for the paper in the market.


Diverse Applications

SADI PAPER finds application in various industries in India. Its uses span packaging, gift wrapping, garment packaging, and wrapping goods. The adaptability of the paper contributes to its widespread adoption.

Pricing – 40-50 Rs. per KG

The pricing of SADI PAPER is competitive, ranging from 40 to 50 Rs. per kilogram. This affordability and its versatility make it a preferred choice in the market.


The Shine and Glow Group has been instrumental in the import of SADI PAPER since 2008. With a consistent supply to the Indian market, this group has played a crucial role in maintaining the availability and accessibility of the paper.


In conclusion, Heat Transfer Paper, popular as SADI PAPER, stands out for its diverse applications and cultural significance in India. Its association with the garment and textile industries and its affordability and versatility have contributed to its widespread use. The Shine and Glow Group’s continued supply ensures a steady flow of this paper in the Indian market.


Q1: What is SADI PAPER primarily used for?

SADI PAPER is primarily used in garment and textile industries for packaging, gift wrapping, and sublimation processes.

Q2: How does Shine and Glow Group contribute to the market?

The Shine and Glow Group has been actively importing and supplying SADI PAPER in the Indian market since 2008, ensuring a consistent availability of the product.

Q3: Are there variations in sizes for the paper rolls?

Yes, SADI PAPER is available in different sizes, the most common being 63 inches or 163 cm.

Q4: Why is it popular in Surat and Kolkata?

Surat and Kolkata are vital hubs for the garment and textile industries, making them significant consumers of SADI PAPER.

Q5: Can individuals purchase smaller quantities for personal use?

While the paper is often sold in bulk, some suppliers may offer smaller quantities for individual or small-scale use.

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