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Welcome to the captivating universe of art paper, where creativity knows no bounds. More than just a canvas, Art paper in sheets introduces a unique twist – it is coated on both sides, offering an exceptional combination of versatility and quality. In this exploration, we’ll dive into the popularity of art paper, unraveling its significance through understanding its composition, weight variations, and the diverse applications that make it an essential and sought-after choice in various creative fields. Widely known as C2S (Coated Two Sides) paper, its dual-sided coating adds an extra layer of allure, making it a favorite among artists, designers, and enthusiasts.

Meaning of Art Paper:

Art paper, also known as C2S (Coated Two Sides), is a specialized paper coated on both surfaces, providing a smooth texture and a refined finish. Art paper caters to a spectrum of creative needs ranging from 60 to 350 grams per square meter (gsm). When the weight exceeds 100 gsm plus GSM, it earns the title of art paper board, an ideal choice for projects requiring sturdiness and durability.

Usage of Art Paper / C2S Paper:

C2S (Coated Two Sides) sheets / Art paper Sheets find many applications across the printing and design industry due to their unique characteristics. Here are some typical applications:

Lower GSM C2S Papers / Art paper usage:

  1. Brochures and Catalogs:
  • C2S sheets are widely used for printing brochures and catalogs. The coated surfaces enhance color vibrancy and image sharpness, making the promotional materials visually appealing.
  1. Promotional Flyers:
  • For promotional flyers and leaflets, C2S sheets are an excellent choice. The glossy finish adds a professional touch and ensures the information stands out.
  1. Book Covers:
  • The book covers benefits from the durability and enhanced aesthetics provided by C2S sheets. The coating contributes to a polished appearance, making the covers more attractive.
  1. Posters and Signage:
  • Large-format printing benefits from the vibrant colors and sharp details achievable with C2S sheets, such as posters and signage. The coating ensures a high-quality, glossy finish.

Higher GSM Art Paper Usage:

  1. Packaging:
  • C2S sheets with higher gsm (thickness) are suitable for packaging. They offer a sturdy and visually appealing option for product packaging, ensuring that the packaging reflects the quality of the contents.
  1. Greeting Cards:
  • The polished appearance of C2S sheets makes them suitable for greeting cards. Whether for personal or business use, the coating adds a touch of sophistication to the cards.

Coating Types:

Art paper flaunts two distinct types of coatings – matte and glossy. These coatings contribute to the aesthetic appeal and serve practical purposes, influencing how light interacts with the paper surface.

  • Matte Finish:
    • Bestowing a non-reflective surface, matte-coated art paper is perfect for projects where subdued elegance is paramount.
  • Glossy Paper:
    • Boasting a reflective surface, glossy-coated art paper enhances color vibrancy, making it a preferred choice for projects that demand a brilliant and sharp visual impact.

Usage Guidelines:

Understanding the diverse applications of art paper is crucial in selecting the right weight for your project. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Magazine (60-80 gsm):
    • For the sleek and lightweight pages of magazines, the 60-80 gsm range strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and quality.
  • Brochure (80-130 gsm):
    • As marketing tools, brochures benefit from a slightly heavier weight, falling within the 80-130 gsm range, ensuring durability and a professional feel.
  • Packaging (130-350 gsm):
    • Regarding packaging, where sturdiness is paramount, art paper in the 130-350 gsm range ensures the strength needed to protect the contents with style.

Why People Choose Art Paper Sheets / C2S Paper Sheets:

  1. Project Size:
  • If someone is working on a smaller printing project, such as creating business cards, postcards, or small brochures, they prefer to purchase smaller-sized C2S paper sheets to match the scale of their project.
  1. Cost Considerations:
  • More miniature sheets of C2S paper may be more cost-effective for specific projects. Buying small sheets can be more economical if a person or business doesn’t need large printed sheets.
  1. Printer Compatibility:
  • Some printers may have limitations on the sizes of paper they can handle. Purchasing more miniature sheets ensures compatibility with a specific printer.
  1. Experimental or Test Prints:
  • Individuals or businesses may want to test the print quality of C2S paper before committing to a larger quantity. Buying more miniature sheets allows experimentation and test printing without investing much upfront.
  1. Limited Storage Space:
  • More miniature sheets are more accessible to store, mainly if someone has limited space for paper stock. This can be particularly relevant for individuals or small businesses with constrained storage areas.
  1. Specific Application Requirements:
  • Specific applications may require smaller-sized C2S paper sheets. For example, crafting, scrapbooking, or other artistic projects may benefit from smaller, more manageable sheet sizes.


Art paper is not just paper; it’s a medium that transforms creative visions into tangible masterpieces. Whether you’re a designer, a printer, or an artist, understanding the nuances of art paper – from coatings to weight categories – empowers you to make informed choices. Let your projects come to life on the canvas of coated perfection. Happy creating!

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